Media Management

This concentration prepares students to lead tomorrow’s broadcasting, cable, telephone, and Internet companies as well as media research agencies. Students learn principles of media management, business strategy, research skills, theory, policy, and the basic economic forces shaping media industries.  It also prepares students to apply the latest media and information services to improve communications for any kinds of company.  Every company today must rely on new media to improve internal communication, to reach customers, and to connect with other stakeholders.

Who is this concentration for?
This concentration is for students in any of our majors, including both the B.A. or B.S. in Media & Information, as well as the former Media & Communication Technology major.  It is ideal for students who want to apply new media to help their business, or who want to manage businesses that sell media and information products and services.

Why study in this area?
Media and information businesses are flourishing around the world, and have tremendous impacts on our lives and our economy. Companies like Comcast, AT&T, Google, Verizon, Time Warner, ABC, Disney, Discovery, and many others need more than programmers, designers, and engineers.  They need people who understand how the business works, how information, communication, and entertainment products are acquired, marketed, and distributed, how audiences are measured, how to manage creative processes, and how the money flows between the many participants in the process.  With the rise of new content distribution platforms like the Internet, mobile phones, notepad computers, media management has become both more challenging and more rewarding.  There are also exciting opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the new media landscape to launch new types of media and information services.  Lastly, no organization in existence today can survive without knowledge of how to use new media and communication technologies in all facets of their business.  In this concentration, students learn how to apply the latest communication tools to solve problems and support the kinds of communications organizations need to thrive in today's global economy.

Why our program?

  • Michigan State University Department of Media and Information faculty are on the forefront of interactive and social media research and development. For more information, see the Economics, Policy, and Effects focus area.
  • We have an excellent curriculum designed to give you the breadth and depth of skills in this area, while giving you the flexibility to customize your concentration to your specific interests.
  • Our teaching facilities, including our computer labs, are top-notched, giving students plenty of hands-on experience.
  • Students have the potential to connect with research going on across the department and in the Quello Center for Telecommunication Management and Law
  • We have many successful alumni of the program that come back to guest speak, teach, and mentor students
  • Michigan State University has the best study abroad program in the country with more than 200 programs annually across 60 countries. While MSU students can participate in any study abroad program (viewable through the MSU Study Abroad Office), the Department of Media and Information offers the New Media in Europe concentration-specific program.

What can I do with this degree concentration?
Students concentrating on media management have gone on to:

  • Work at major Fortune 500 companies, including such companies as AT&T, Comcast, Time Warner, Verizon, Disney, Discovery, Google, and Yahoo!
  • Work at local Michigan companies, including such companies as WILX, WJR, and other local broadcasting companies.
  • Become entrepreneurs and start new successful companies, such as Kay Koplovitz, who started USA Networks.

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