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World-class New Colleagues


We are excited to welcome eight world-class colleagues to our department! They are part of an amazing group of 28 tenure system faculty and professors of practice hired by the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and will and add

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MSU Graduate Certificate in Serious Games: Now with Badges!


by Carrie Heeter, Professor
The MSU Graduate Certificate Program in Serious Games now comes with badges. You earn one badge for each of the three courses, as soon as you successfully complete the course. And you earn a composite

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Net Neutrality, the Open Internet and the Need for Relevant Research

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On February 26, 2015, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issued its latest attempt to secure an open Internet by establishing net neutrality rules. The latest Order, whose full text will be released to the public after the Commission vote,

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Trifecta Working to Expand Its Reach and Impact

Shelia Cotten feature

I am honored to have been selected as the first Director of Trifecta (a winning partnership of three innovative colleges) and to be working with the brilliant team of researchers that make up the Trifecta Intellectual Leaders (TIL), the group of faculty members leading this interdisciplinary initiative. Continue reading

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Meaningful Play 2014: Get Ready for Radical Transformation

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If you’re looking for answers to the challenges of racism, sexism and video games, social justice campaigns and the struggle for gamer identity, you’ll find those answers embodied in the faculty and game industry presenters and attendees of the International Academic Conference on Meaningful Play. Continue reading

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