Undergraduate Graduation and Retention Rates

Retention Rates (2008–2012)

Journalism majors exceed the university's retention rate for majors overall, and in less than four and six years.

The MSU Office of Planning and Budget tracks retention (called "persistence") and graduation rates at MSU as a whole and for individual colleges and departments.

MSU Year JRN Majors Majors Overall
Freshman 93% 91%
Sophomore 90% 86%
Junior 86% 84%
Senior 82% 81%

Graduation Rates

4 Years of Fewer 6 Years or Fewer
JRN Majors 55% 82%
Majors Overall 48% 77%

Average Number of Years to Graduate

Time to Degree
MSU Journalism Majors 4 years
Majors Overall 4.2 years
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