Journalism Internships

We believe that an internship experience is an important part of bridging classroom work to the world of work. Thus, our students are required to take JRN 493, which is Journalism Professional Field Experience. They love the experience, and often do multiple internships. Internships can vary in credit. After the one required credit, students can choose to take more for credit or not.

Amy Haimerl is in charge of the J-School internship program and invites many recruiters to campus every year from various media organizations and other professional organizations looking for journalists as their professional communicators. Students get a chance to interview with them. Students can also set up their own internships.

In addition to the School of Journalism internship program, our students take advantage of the College's Career Advising and Counseling opportunities in Room 181.

JRN 493 Internship Application Form
JRN 493 Syllabus
JRN 493 Intern Assessment Form (for interns to fill out at the end of the semester )

MSU Intern Evaluation Form (to be filled out by intern supervisor at the end of the semester)
MSU Internship Program Assessment Form  (to be filled out by supervisor at the end of the semester—this assessment compares our MSU J-School interns with interns from other institutions)

See places where our students have interned here.

To gain credit for a journalism internship, you must contact the journalism internship coordinator:

Amy Haimerl
375 Comm Arts and Sciences Building

School of Journalism

Michigan State University


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