Sports Journalism Graduate & Intern Testimonials

Jemele Hill, Commentator and National Columnist

Jemele HillI experienced my most important growth as both a person and a journalist at Michigan State University. From the day I walked onto campus, I received invaluable direction and guidance. A school as large as MSU is stereotyped as impersonal, but there wasn't a time where I ever felt as if I were just another student or that I couldn't develop a personal relationship with my instructors and professors. In fact, the benefit of attending Michigan State is that you are afforded both the intimacy of lasting relationships and the vast resources that only a university of Michigan State's stature can provide.

Other colleges often receive praise for their journalism gravitas, but the journalism tradition at Michigan State could rival and compete with any school in the country. At MSU, I interacted and competed with some of the brightest and most ambitious journalism students in the country. Our mantra was simple: We wanted to the best students in the country, but we also wanted to be leaders in our industry. When I look around and see where many of us have landed in this business, I swell with pride. I know that we all learned the values and ethics vital to success at the same place - Michigan State University.

Joey Nowak, Reporter for

Joey Norwak ReporterI was lucky to know at an early age what I wanted to do in life, and how I'd be able to do it. To succeed in journalism today, you need training that is all-encompassing and comprehensive. And when it comes to sports journalism, there's no better place than Michigan State.

The best way to prepare yourself to cover athletics is to be schooled in an environment that has a top-notch journalism school, acclaimed extra-curricular activities for broadcast, print and online students and a high-profile athletic program to cover as you learn. MSU has that triumvirate in ways that few, if any, other colleges do.

I knew, every time I left campus -- whether it was for a daily assignment during the year, a summer internship or, ultimately, a career in the field -- that none of my peers could match my credentials. MSU is that unique place that allows for you to learn in the morning, and put those skills to the test at night, all amidst the high-profile sports landscape that is the Big Ten.

From my four years with the award-winning State News, to classes with experienced professors who had a vested interest in my success, I was equipped for any situation thrown my way. In the newsroom and on the sidelines, I've been able to succeed in the field because of the skills I gained on campus.

Brittany McCallum, NBA Broadcast Assistant

I transferred to Michigan State as a sophomore and after my first day in JRN 108, I knew I was in the right place. I had the passion. I had the work ethic and the MSU J-School offered every class and opportunity I needed to be successful. I did not have much free time trying to stay on the dean's list while working for the athletic department for three years, but I can honestly say I enjoyed every minute of my experience.

Without the sports journalism program I would not be in my current position as a broadcast assistant for the National Basketball Association in their league office. I have been able to take my writing and leadership skills which I acquired at MSU to the east coast and practice them 
in a professional setting.

The most important thing I took away from MSU would have to be the lifelong relationships I established between my fellow students and J-School faculty members. I walked away thankful for all they taught me and confident that I could count on my professors for anything in life. I continue to stay in touch with the great J-School staff and can't wait to celebrate the next step of my journey with the people who helped me along the way.

Macaulie Fritz, Michigan State Athletic Communications Intern

Macaulie Fritz, Michigan State Athletic Communications InternSports journalism has become the center of my life in my time here thus far at Michigan State University and I could not be more grateful for the education I've been given. My professors have helped me grow not only as a student, but as a person. They have challenged me and encouraged me to grow and learn from any experience I obtain. The opportunities that have stemmed from being a sports journalism student have been so numerous and rewarding.

I acquired a great position as an intern with Michigan State Athletic Communications this year and I believe my background as a journalism student with a concentration in sports reporting helped me to get it. I've been able to publish a feature story online at, learn about what goes into making each athletic event run smoothly and have been taught how to adhere to the needs of the media. This last skill is one that I can really appreciate because someday I will be a member of the media and I will remember what it was like to be in the shoes of a student-intern. I am so thankful for the time I have spent as a sports journalism student and the knowledge that I have gained. I don't think I would have received such a wealth of information and experience from any other university. Go Green!

Sal La Fata, MSU Athletic Department Intern

Joining the Cleveland Browns after graduation in May 2013

Sal La Fata, MSU Athletic Department InternBeing a sports journalism student here at MSU has been one of the greatest and most rewarding experiences of my life. I can easily say that if it wasn't for this program, I would not be anywhere near the position I am today. It is because I am a journalism student that I have been able to not only succeed in my schooling, but succeed in my work; as well as prepare for my future career. I have come across a lot of things in the field of journalism because of this program; and I am a better journalist because of those things.

It is also because of the journalism program that I have had a job working for the athletic department for the past three years, have spent time working alongside professional organizations such as ESPN, BTN, and CBS, and that I have been hired by the Cleveland Browns upon graduation. This program does a great job at preparing students for life after school and exposing them to life as a journalist in the field. It is also because of the journalism school that I have learned and understand the importance of communication and networking. The journalism school has paved the way for my future, helped me realize what I am capable of, and reassured my love and extended my passion for sports to an even deeper level that I will continue to pursue in the future.

Justin Dacey,, Big Ten Network Intern

Every day we make decisions. Some have large consequences, some small, and many may not show up until further down the road.

I strongly believe that transferring to Michigan State University at the start of my junior year to pursue a career in journalism was one of the best decisions I've made throughout my entire life.

While at MSU, I have been afforded multiple opportunities to experience what it's like in the "real world" that have benefited me greatly. This past fall, I was chosen for an internship with covering high school football in the Lansing area. This opportunity allowed me to demonstrate the skills I learned while at MSU and gain valuable field experience.

During the MSU football season, I was fortunate enough to intern with Big Ten Network as a part of their "Tailgate 48" series. For two days, I was able to observe numerous professionals at work and learn from their actions. Not only did the crew provide insightful information, but they also took a sincere interest in my goals and offered their advice.

Keosha Burton, Big 10 Network

As a sports journalism student at Michigan State University, I've experienced some of the most amazing opportunities. There have been plenty of occasions where I've been able to network, get real life experience, and work with some of the best in the business. I've been able to work with the Big Ten Network where I gained camera experience, graphic design experience and most exciting, I've been able to share my talents on television as a announcer for the women's basketball team.

In addition to the hands on experience I've gained at BTN, I've also been able to work as a professional during Tom Izzo, Mark Dantonio and Suzy Merchant press conferences and at an abundance of sporting events as well. The opportunities I've had because I am a sports journalism student at MSU aren't just limited to working for the Big Ten Network.

I've also been able to work closely with high profile operations like ESPN, by working as a crew member at basketball games and football games and have also been able to go inside the network's truck and see the technical side of broadcast television.

My MSU sports journalism experience has also allowed me to network and receive beneficial advice from people like Erin Andrews, Jemele Hill, George Blaha and Dan Dickerson. I've also been able to meet with professionals from Fox Sports South and Fox Sports Detroit to network. The list of great encounters and experiences I've had goes on and on, but I will say that I am thankful to have such a great internship advisor, professors who helped provide these awesome advantages for us.

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