Journalism Students Job Offers and Preparedness for the Industry

Students' Satisfaction on Being Prepared for the Profession

Students also are surveyed after they have completed their internship, asking if they thought they were prepared.

  • About 94 percent said they strongly agreed or agreed that they were prepared for the job market.
  • About 92 percent strongly agreed or agreed that their internship would help launch their career.

Professional Supervisors' Satisfaction with MSU Journalism Interns

An important component of the journalism program is an internship. Every internship supervisor is surveyed to find out how MSU students performed on the job.

  • About 83 percent of the professionals, the supervisors of School of Journalism interns, rated the interns as exceptional or above average in comparison to interns from other programs.
  • About 86 percent of the employers rated their School of Journalism permanent hires as exceptional or above average.

Career Path After Graduation

The College surveys alumni the year following their graduation with several follow-up requests throughout the year. Questions include their status on full-time jobs, post-graduate internships and if they were doing work on target with their career plans.

  • Recent graduates reported that they were working in a capacity that directly related to their career path, increasing from 69 percent in 2008 to 92 percent in 2012, with a nearly steady increase in the intervening years.

Job Offers

MSU School of Journalism graduates responded to a 2011 national survey conducted annually by the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia.

  • 76 percent of MSU JRN majors received at least one job offer before graduation (many receive several), compared to the national average of 73 percent.
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