Journalism Faculty & Student Research

Our exemplary faculty range from international Fulbright scholars to Pulitzer-Prize winning professionals who bring cutting-edge knowledge to students in the classroom, and also take students out of the classroom to work with them on projects.

Our colleagues are high-profile professionals fresh from the industry and renowned researchers. Captains of industry ask for their counsel. And, they are repeatedly asked to speak at professional conferences across the globe.

In addition, our faculty write the books that other universities use in their classrooms.

Their work is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Institute on Health (NIH), the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), the Robert McCormick Foundation, the Knight Foundation and other funding agencies.

Highlights of our faculty's creative and research scholarship and professional activity from just the past five years include the following:
(Many of these included student researchers and creators and co-authors)

  • More than 80 awards
  • 289 professional publications and creative works
  • 176 refereed and invited conference papers and creative works
  • 125 non-juried creative works
  • 96 peer-reviewed published research and juried creative works
  • 58 unit grant awards from 90 grant proposals
  • 23 scholarly books and textbooks
  • 23 chapters in books and 22 book reviews

Our faculty's areas of expertise include text and visual communication, health and environment, new communication technologies and social media, international journalism, media and economics, media effects and society, history, ethics and law, and journalism education.

Please refer to our faculty's bios for a more comprehensive list of interests.

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