Linked Bachelors-to-Master's Degree in Journalism

This linked plan is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge in journalism, building on acquired fundamentals, while progressing through the program efficiently and effectively.

Successful candidates may apply up to 9 credits of their 400-level and above courses taken at MSU with a 3.0 gpa toward the master's program, reducing the time to degree and the number of credits to pursue for the master's degree. They may also waive JRN 800, because they already have a degree in journalism.

MSU Journalism undergraduate students with at least 86 credits may apply to this program. They should have already completed JRN 108, JRN 203, JRN 200 and JRN 300 with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 in these courses and in JRN 430 and JRN 400 by graduation.

For more information, please see the academic catalog and the admissions process.

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