Code of Ethics

The faculty of the Michigan State's School of Journalism holds to the highest professional standards of journalism - truth, fairness and accuracy. For this reason and for the compelling needs of the profession, the J-School expects its students to adhere to these same standards.

Accordingly, the faculty developed this "Code of Ethics", composed of fundamental journalistic best practices as well as a description of potential consequences for serious Code violations. This Code applies to students in the J-School while engaged in activities related to the mission, values, processes and functions of the School, including participation in journalism courses, J-School-sponsored organizations and external journalism endeavors.

As you progress through the J-School program, you will learn the complexities of ethical behavior. For example, some conduct is legally permissible but ethically wrong. We encourage you to ask us about any of the following practices. By the time you graduate, it is our expectation that you will have developed a sound foundation to prepare you for the ethical, moral and legal challenges of the profession. This Code is intended to serve as a guide to you and a foundation for you as your pursue your career as a working journalist.

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