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Dr. Lucinda D. Davenport, Director of the School of


First blog—Aug. 2013.


Welcome to the new school year in the School of Journalism! We are stepping lively as our faculty and students change the landscape of this exciting and evolving industry! Student enrollment continues to increase and we are adding faculty every year. And, we are looking for three colleagues to join us next year. Only enthusiastic, motivated folks need apply.

I am delighted to introduce several faculty who are new this year. They are welcomed additions!

Dr. Jen Ware co-leads the award-winning capstone course, JRN 400. She is a former broadcast and digital media journalist, strategic communication multimedia specialist and an award-winning documentary directory and producer whose research focuses on digital and multimedia and the integration of new technologies into journalism practices.

Steve Freiss teaches news judgment and journalism fundamentals in JRN 200, Reporting and Writing I. He was recently a senior writer at POLITICO and a freelancer, podcaster, blogger and tweeter based out of Las Vegas, China and multiple international venues for The New York Times, USA TODAY, Esquire and many other print and digital news media, while also appearing on news programs such as NPR, CNN and MSNBC.

Brian Bowe also teaches a section of the foundation course, JRN 200. He recently returned from a Fulbright at the Sorbonne. His experience includes being the communications specialist and web editor at Grand Valley State University, editor-in-chief of CREEM music magazine, a reporter for several news organizations and author of six books. He is a Media and Information Studies doctoral student whose area of research is on improved coverage of diverse cultures.

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