MSU's Master's Program in Communicative Sciences and Disorders does accept applicants who do not have an undergraduate degree in CSD. However students must complete certain prerequisite courses in order to be a competitive applicant. At a minimum these courses include the following. (Note: Exact titles of these classes can vary across different programs.)

Required CSD Courses

Course Number
Course Name
CSD 213Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
CSD 232Descriptive Phonetics
CSD 303Fundamentals of Hearing
CSD 313Speech Science
CSD 333Oral Language Development
CSD 364Speech and Language Disorders and Their Evaluations
CSD 444Audiologic Assessment and Intervention/ Rehabilitation
CSD 463Intervention/ Rehabilitation Procedures in Speech Language Pathology

Recommended Additional CSD Courses

Course Number
Course Name
CSD 203Introduction to Communicative Sciences and Disorders
CSD 391Clinical Observation

Required Courses for ASHA certification

The 2014 ASHA standards for certification include specific content areas in order to be eligible for certification in speech-language pathology. The four courses content areas listed in Standard IV-A are as follows:

Social/Behavioral Sciences

Acceptable courses in social/behavioral sciences should include psychology, sociology, anthropology, or public health.


A stand-alone course in statistics is required. Research methodology courses in CSD may not be used to satisfy the statistics requirement.

Biological Sciences

Acceptable courses in biological sciences should emphasize a content area related to human or animal sciences (e.g., biology, human anatomy and physiology, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, human genetics, veterinary science).

Physical Sciences

Acceptable courses in physical sciences should include physics or chemistry.
More ASHA details on biological and physical science course descriptions.

Observation Hours

Applicants should also have completed or be in the process of completing the required 25 hours of clinical observation which have been signed by an ASHA certified speech-language pathologist. If accepted into the program, students will be required to provide documented evidence of this experience at the time of new student orientation.

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