Linked B.A. - M.A. Degree in Communication

The department welcomes applications from Michigan State University Communication majors who have completed at least 86 credits. Application for admission must be made prior to the final semester as a Communication major undergraduate.

Admission to the program requires the following:

  1. A minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.5 based on all courses taken at MSU
  2. A statement of goals for the M.A. degree
  3. GRE scores
  4. At least 2 letters of recommendation from faculty in the Department of Communication
  5. An approved program of study for the M.A. degree at the time of admission.
  6. Completion of Com 225, Com 240, Com 275 and Com 300 (Com 200) obtaining a grade of at least 3.0 in each of these courses.

The number of Communication majors admitted into this linked degree program will be limited by availability. Admission to the Linked Bachelor's-Master's program allows the application of up to 9 credits toward the master's program for qualifying 400-level and above course work taken at Michigan State University. No 400 level courses with a grade lower than 3.0 will count toward the M.A. degree. Credit obtained from 400 level pass/fail courses and internships will not count toward the degree. The number of approved credits (approved by M.A. Coordinator), (from 7 to 9 credits not to exceed 9 credits), is applied toward the credit requirement of the master's degree. So students in this program only need to complete 21 to 23 additional graduate credits (instead of 30) to complete the M.A. degree.

Students admitted to this program must complete a thesis or a comprehensive exam and other M.A. program requirements. Communication majors meeting eligibility requirements should contact:

Dr. Gwen Wittenbaum
Coordinator of the M.A. program in Communication
Phone: (517) 353-8120

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