Communication Ph.D. Program Overview

Join a nationally top ranked program to become a well-rounded behavioral researcher and communications consultant. New graduates with this degree receive offers at research centers, university and colleges around the world. Alums are researchers, professors, authors, entrepreneurs, and consultants worldwide.

Doctor of Philosophy in Communication From MSU: A Distinguished Program
Since the doctoral program began in the late 1950's, over 350 men and women have completed their Ph.D. in Communication at MSU. The alumni hold faculty positions in many leading universities, and as well as research and consultative positions in government and industry. Graduates provide leadership in academic and professional fields in many countries throughout the world.

The COM doctoral program features outstanding faculty who are prolific researchers and effective advisors (Meet the Faculty and Staff).
Based on a longstanding combination of productive scholars and successfully alumni, our doctoral program ranks at the top nationally in reputation, productivity, and key awards:

NCA Reputation Survey

In the 2004 NCA reputational survey ratings of "effectiveness of PhD program", MSU ranks #1 in health communication, #1 in communication & technology, #2 in mass communication, #4 in interpersonal & small group, and #4 in international & intercultural.

Among the subset of comprehensive doctoral programs (at least five specialties), MSU has the top average rating score.

ICA Fellows

The COM doctoral program has produced more ICA Fellows than any other university (Charles Berger, Michael Burgoon, Joe Cappella, Akiba Cohen, Brenda Dervin, Randy Harrison, Peter Monge, Byron Reeves).

Mentor Awards

Current and former COM faculty have won one-third of ICA mentor awards for doctoral advising, more than any other university (G.R. Miller, Brad Greenberg, Frank Boster, Judee Burgoon, Ed Fink, Peter Monge, Sandi Smith)

Core Journal Productivity

COM researchers rank first in latest research productivity study published in the Journal of Communication, which analyzed authorship of articles published between 1999-2004 in eight leading journals sponsored by NCA and ICA. MSU was #1 in publications by current faculty and students and #1 in publications by doctoral alumni.

COMM placed 11 faculty and doctoral alumni among the top 50 most productive researchers in two dozen communication journals from 1996-2001, according to a study published in Communication Research Reports.

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