Communication Current Students

Graduate Assistants

Ying Cheng Persuasion and Message Design
David Clare Deception, Social influence, Social support, Research methods
Jennifer Cornacchione   Interpersonal and Health Communication
Jeffrey Cox health and risk communication, new and social media
Shannon Cruz Social influence, risk and environmental communication
Yue (Nancy) Dai Computer Mediated Communication
Brianna DeAngelis  Persuasion and Social Influence
Katelyn Grayson-Sneed Health Comm. Specifically dealing with mental illness within the health field, and interpersonal comm. regarding health issues
Lindsay Hahn Media Psychology in traditional and new media environments
Ashley Hanna  Interpersonal communication, including social support, computer-mediated communication, and social influence
Patrick Idzik Interpersonal communication and conflict resolution.
Jeongwoo Jang Social influence of comm., especially in computer-based interaction context
Nicole Kashian  Sophisticated comm., interaction goals, and negotiation
Dave Keating Interpersonal comm., influence, and health-related behavior
Wuyu (Rain) Liu Intercultural and interpersonal comm., interpersonal influence and conflict, comm. in close relationships, crisis comm..
Brian Manata Organizational communication & industrial  behavior/psychology, socialization, team effectiveness, methodology
Josh Nelson Intercultural & Cross-Cultural Comm., Multi-Ethnic Identity, Japan-US Communication
Aditi Paul Computer mediated comm. and interpersonal comm.
Evan Perrault Health comm., Health care provider-patient comm., Technology and communication, interpersonal communication
Sujay Prabhu Focus on the link between media and moral values
Soo Yun Shin Computer-mediated comm., Human-computer interaction
Morgan Summers Interpersonal and Health Communication
Gregory Viken Health Comm. and Interpersonal Comm.
Amy Wisner Interpersonal & Relational Comm., Deception
Yi Zhu Intercultural & International Communication, and Organizational Communication
Jie (Jackie) Zhuang Health comm., emotional appeals in message framing
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