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Fake news is, well, much in the news these days so consider this post to be our department’s contribution to the new milieu. It is remarkable how people consistency find a way to use communication media and other types of innovations in new and unanticipated ways. We see this often in organizational communication studies, in the blossoming field of social media research and of course front and center in anecdotal and journalistic reports of human behavior. Continue reading

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ICA a success in Japan

Professors William Donohue and Franklin Boster were elected as Fellows of the International Communication Association at ICA’s annual conference in Fukuoka, Japan, June 9-14, 2016. Designation as a Fellow is the highest honor bestowed on scholars by ICA. Donohue specializes in research,

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Three New Faculty to Join Communication this Fall

Winson Peng, Allison Eden and Ralf Schmalzle have agreed to join the faculty of the Department of Communication for Fall 2016. “This is a best possible result of our faculty search this year,” said Jim Dearing, chair of the department. “While we had an extremely strong applicant pool, these are the three that we really wanted.” Continue reading

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Securing the Future of Communication Science


The highest honors awarded by the International Communication Association and by the National Communication Association are the naming of Fellows and Distinguished Scholars, respectively. The Michigan State University Department of Communication has contributed to the careers of 23 Fellows and Distinguished Scholars, meaning that they earned their MA or PhD here, or taught here as a tenure-track faculty member. That’s more than any other communication department in the world. Continue reading

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Communication BAs getting jobs

The last year that the Georgetown Center for Education and the Workforce reports national employment data by academic degree is 2012. In that Analysis of American Community Microdata, Communication and Journalism graduates (combined) had a 2012 unemployment rate of 8.2%. Graduates with degrees in agriculture, education and physical sciences had lower (better) unemployment rates, and graduates in architecture, law, psychology, social work, and social sciences were higher (worse). Jobs often are found by individuals through interpersonal connections, especially through connections that are outside of one’s usual close network of friends and acquaintances. Continue reading

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