William Hopp Scholarship

The William J. Hopp Endowed Scholarship was established by Anthony J. Hopp. Tony is the Chairman, Chief Executive Officer of Campbell-Ewald, Michigan's oldest and largest advertising agency and the 6th largest U.S. Agency network. Tony graduated from MSU with a B.A. in Advertising/Psychology (1967) and a M.A. in Advertising/Marketing (1968). Tony is the recipient of the 2000 MSU Outstanding Alumni Award and the 2001 MSU Distinguished Alumni Award. The endowed scholarship is named after Tony's father, William J. Hopp, because he is the reason Tony enrolled as an advertising major at MSU and went on to a career in advertising. Although Tony's father never worked as an advertising professional - he had a successful career in automotive parts sales - he was fascinated with advertising and felt that Tony was well suited for a career in it.

Being like many eighteen year olds, Tony had no idea what career to pursue, and that coupled with the great respect that he had for his father's opinion, pointed Tony to advertising. And as they say, Tony never looked back. Tony too became fascinated with advertising and understanding and studying human behavior and the impact communications could have on behavior. William J. Hopp also had a keen interest in psychology which Tony also embraced and minored in as an undergraduate. William J. Hopp died in 1986 so he never saw the full extent of his son's success, but Tony did achieve a fair measure of success while his father was alive and Tony's father was extremely proud and engaged in Tony's career and the business of advertising. His fascination continued and was fed by the behind the scenes stories Tony shared with him as his experiences unfolded. Without his father's counsel, guidance and passion for advertising, Tony would not have achieved what he has and Tony's hope is that this endowed scholarship in his father's memory will help others move down the path of success in this marvelous profession.

Graduate students accepted into the Department of Advertising are eligible to apply. Recipients are normally selected during the Spring semester. Awards are credited during the tuition payment process. MSU requests each Scholarship recipient to express acceptance and appreciation of the award in writing within six weeks of notification of the award.

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