Graduate Studies


Advertising Master's Overview

Founded more than 50 years ago, the department is recognized for staying abreast of changes in the advertsing industry and timely public relations topics. Current faculty and graduate research topics include cyber bullying, impacts of advertising/media on children's health, social stereotypes reinforced through media, changing behavior through popular media and more.

Alumni of the program hold positions as ad agency CEOs, communications directors, Fortune 500 executives, entrepreneurs, consultants, authors, academic leaders and public affairs officers.

The department annually hosts a Super Bowl ad rating party where faculty and students rate ads during the game and faculty share expert data with local and national media outlets, which use the information in the post-bowl news cycle.

The Advertising + Public Relations faculty include one of only 34 people who have ever been honored with an American Academy of Advertising Fellow Award, the academy's highest honor, as well as world-renowned researchers and recipients of numerous honors and recognitions.

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