Faculty and Staff Opportunities

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    "The challenge for the Quello Center is to put MSU in a leading role in stimulating and informing communication policy and practice. Meeting this challenge is what most excites me about joining the department and college," Bill Dutton, Quello Chair and Director of MSU Quello Center
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    "I'm honored to be chosen to be among a strong group of fellow panelists who are dedicated to improving healthcare by bringing patient, caregiver and advocate voices to medical research," Sandi Smith, Professor in the Department of Communication and Director of MSU’s Health and Risk Communication Center.
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    "I feel honored to win the AT&T Award of Excellence and grateful to the award sponsor and MSU for supporting faculty using new methods and technologies to enhance their teaching," Rabindra "Robby" Ratan, Assistant Professor in the Department of Media and Information

At the College of Communication Arts and Sciences, our people set us apart. We are a vibrant, eclectic community of scientists, artists, technologists and public media professionals who examine communication from different views and levels of analysis. It is an exciting time at MSU, as we have created new opportunities to expand our faculty and continue our excellence in communication research and education. See how our faculty are working to advance the discipline and create extraordinary impact on the world View all Faculty Features. Join this impressive team and discover the opportunities below.

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