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David Poulson

Associate Director, Knight Center for Environmental Journalism
School of Journalism


David Poulson is the associate director of Michigan State University’s Knight Center for Environmental journalism where he teaches environmental, investigative, computer-assisted and public affairs reporting to graduate and undergraduate students and organizes workshops for professional journalists. He is also the founder and editor of Great Lakes Echo, a non-profit environmental news service now serving the Great Lakes region. Prior to arriving at MSU in 2003, he was a reporter and editor for 22 years, covering the environment for several news organizations.

Environmental Reporting Investigative Reporting Capital News Service Public Affairs Reporting

Key Research Interest
Non-traditional methods of gathering and delivering news, reader engagement, climate change communications, non-profit journalism.

Special Projects
Created and manage a non-profit environmental news service also used as a research test-bed at http://GreatLakesEcho.org.

Project Title & Source
Climate Change Communications, NSF Reporting on the Nearshore Ecosystem, EPA

What are three things you want your students to know about you?
I’m a third generation Spartan, like to camp and raise African cichlids.

Favorite Quotation
It’s not our job to make up anyone’s mind. It’s our job to make the pain of decision-making so intense that the only escape is by thinking.

Describe in one sentence what you hope your students learn from you, your scholarly work or teaching

Describe yourself in five words or less.
Teacher, writer, experimenter, science advocate.

Work 404 Wilson Road, Room 383 Communication Arts and Sciences Building Michigan State University East Lansing MI 48824
Work Phone: (517) 432 5417 Website: http://GreatLakesEcho.org http://ej.msu.edu
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