Employer Recruitment Information

The College of Communication Arts and Sciences has students with interests ranging from using technology to design multimedia messages to understanding the physical process of communication and disorders. This includes public relations, advertising, design, copywriting, reporting, sports journalism, broadcast, film and television, game design and sales communication.

How to Connect
To connect with our talented students, you can schedule on-campus interviews, schedule a presentation, set up a hallway information table, work with a student group, and attend a university wide career fair.

To determine how you can best get involved, please reach out to Karin Hanson at hanson39@msu.edu.

Additional Resources:

Informal ways to meet students:

  • Participate in mock interviews.
  • Speak in classes or organizations' meetings.
  • Host visits or job shadowing at your workplace.
  • Become part of the mentoring program.
  • Recruit through MySpartanCareer.com.

For more details about your recruiting options, please contact the CAS Center for Careers and Internships at (517) 355-6500.

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