Drafting a Resume and Cover Letter

Once you know what kind of organization and position you are pursuing, your job search can become easier, but creating professional documents tests your ability to clearly relate your skills and experiences to specific employers.

5 Common Resume & Cover Letter Blunders:

  1. Incorrect grammar usage or spelling errors
  2. Poor descriptions of relevant skills or omissions of relevant experiences
  3. Lack of cover letter or unclear connection between resume, cover letter, and the job sought
  4. Confusing or hard to read format/style
  5. Missing/Incomplete Contact Information

If you think you are committing one of these five blunders or don't think your resume and cover letter quite hit the mark, check out these resources:

  • Resume workshops offered on campus. Review the schedule
  • MSU Career Passport - Print copies available in locations across campus, including 190 Comm. Arts (Advising Waiting Room), 6 Student Services Building (Career Development Center), and the library.
  • Additional books on resume and cover letter design are accessible at the library and Career Development Center if you need more inspiration to design your materials.
  • Career Advisors - You can schedule an appointment to have a professional review your resume/cover letter and discuss your job search plans. If you are starting your first resume, it is best to begin a draft or create a master list of all experiences before meeting with an advisor.
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