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Anna R. McAlister Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Advertising + Public RelationsHealth and Risk Communication


Anna McAlister is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Advertising + Public Relations. Prior to joining Michigan State, Anna worked in the Department of Consumer Science at University of Wisconsin – Madison. Anna’s research area is consumer behavior. Having earned a Ph.D. in developmental psychology, her special interest is the application of theories of developmental psychology to the study of children’s consumer socialization. Her work is largely policy-oriented, with an interest in children’s knowledge of food brands, their responses to food advertising, and their resulting formation of food preferences. Recent papers are published in Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Cognitive Development, and International Journal of Advertising. Anna received her Ph.D. from the University of Queensland, Australia. She also holds a Graduate Certificate in Education with a specialization in Higher Education, and a Bachelor of Psychological Science with first class honors.

Work 404 Wilson Road, Room 327 Communication Arts and Sciences Building Michigan State University East Lansing MI 48824
Work Phone: (978) 232-2187 Website: http://www.msu.edu/~annamc
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