Distinguished Faculty Award
W.J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Awards

Distinguished Faculty Awards are made each year to members of the regular faculty, i.e., tenure system faculty and librarians, for outstanding total service to the University. Each college making nominations for the award has its own detailed criteria and methods for nomination. The nominations are based on teaching; advising; research; publications; art exhibitions; concert performances; committee work; public service including extension, continuing education and work with government agencies; or a combination of these activities. Administrative excellence and length of service may not be used as the sole criteria for nomination. However, nominees usually have at least five years of service at Michigan State University. Beginning with the 2014 Awards, the Distinguished Faculty Award was renamed to W.J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award.

CAS faculty recipients of this Award include:

Distinguished Faculty Award

  • Donald O. Buell 1958
  • Hideya Kumata 1967
  • Herbert J. Oyer 1969
  • Gerald R. Miller 1973
  • Thomas F. Baldwin 1976
  • Bradley S. Greenberg 1979
  • Mary A. Gardner 1982
  • Charles Atkin 1985
  • Ida J. Stockman 1996
  • William Donohue COM 1999
  • Brenda Sternquist RET 1999
  • Stephen R. Lacy JRN 2000
  • Charles W. Steinfield TC 2001
  • Bruce G. Vandenbergh ADV 2002
  • Franklin J. Boster COM 2003
  • Sandi W. Smith (Communication) 2007
  • Pamela S. Whitten, (Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media) 2010
  • Tim Levine (Communication) 2011
  • Johannes M. Bauer (Media and Information) 2013

W.J. Beal Outstanding Faculty Award

  • Robert LaRose (Media and Information) 2014
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