Nocturne Sonata (Fall 2011)

nocturnesonataDate: Fall 2011

Authors: Daniel DeMaiolo, J.D. Yaske, Josh Horvath, David Cornelius, Andrew Alway-Cooper

In a dark, dreary, and silent village, demons have wreaked havoc and fear from an ominous castle. With the power of a divine fiddle that is rumored to have been won many generations ago by his ancestors, one man, Jenkins, will venture inside the gloomy castle to restore peace and music to the village while confronting the ultimate evil and creator of the unholy instrument - the Devil himself.

Incorporating the theme of music, the player controlling the hero, Jenkins, will use the divine fiddle in four ways: to create light and reveal parts of the level for a limited amount of time, to move platforms, to create a holy shield which can disintegrate hazards such as arrow traps, and to fight incoming demon attacks (using a rhythm based quick time event in which the player must correctly type in correct melodies consisting of different keys). This game aims to combine fun elements of platformers with some rhythm-based mechanics. Like many platformers, the player will have to move from through the levels quickly before the darkness overcomes Jenkins.

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