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Posted on: July 30, 2013

The upcoming fall semester will offer a new opportunity for students who have taken the New Media Drivers License (NMDL) course. Michal Lorenc, assistant instructor in the Advertising + PR department, has been working with professor Richard Cole on developing a “spinoff” class focused on YouTube.

The course, ADV 492 (The YouTube Generation. Creation, Curation and Distribution of Commercial Video Content Online), will give students more hands-on experience with the way the advertising industry is shifting to social media, using YouTube as the key tool.

As part of the course, students will select a brand or company for whom they will create a 2-5 minute YouTube video and then promote its content using social media tactics learned in the original NMDL course.

Videos will be posted to a YouTube channel set up for the course and then monitor its reach. Students will be using analytics to determine success as well as other promotional tactics used via social media.

Since it is an advertising course, the class will sell ads as a way of furthering the channel’s reach with the possibility of earning money to support scholarships for the program.

Lorenc, who heads up Google’s Sales and Account Management Team as the Head of Industry: Ticketing and Live Events, has been working with Google for more than 10 years and has tackled many strategic initiatives in marketing, business development and sales capabilities in North America and Europe.

“I’m excited to bring the new technology we’re using back to campus,” Lorenc said.

Lorenc regularly works with key advertisers and talks to partners about YouTube advertising. With video content rapidly on the rise, he said that YouTube has become a primary form of advertising with 1 billion global users per month and at least 70 hours worth of content being uploaded every minute.

With music and sports as top categories on YouTube, Lorenc refers to it as the “MTV of this generation.”

The ADV 492 course is full for the upcoming fall semester. Course success and student interest will determine the amount of spots available in the spring 2014 semester.

Created in partnership with the Advertising + Public Relations department and Derek Mehraban, CEO of Ingenex Digital Marketing, the New Media Drivers License program trains students in new media and digital marketing. Students develop content for blogs and digital public relations, work with social media sites, practice search engine optimization and search engine marketing, and learn how search rankings impact the bottom line for businesses.

For more information about the program, see the New Media Drivers License website.

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