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Posted on: December 9, 2013

Catalyzing New International Collaborations

The CNIC program will support U.S. researchers' participation in activities intended to catalyze new international collaborations designed to open up new scientific directions for the proposer. These include, but are not limited to: research planning visits, initial data gathering activities, proof-of-concept, and single or multiple research visits within a maximum 12-month time period. The community is invited to propose innovative mechanisms and strategies for catalyzing new international collaborations with the goal of reaching the stage that competitive, full research proposals can be submitted to relevant NSF programs for continuing support of the project. Other well-justified activities that fulfill the goal of the program will be considered. Creative use of technology in promoting international research collaboration is encouraged.

Of particular interest are projects which represent new, previously unfunded scientific areas for the principal investigator, or areas in which preliminary data is needed for establishing a proof-of-concept. This mechanism is not intended to provide support for continuation of established collaborations. While a proposer is encouraged to bring his/her undergraduate or graduate students on proposed research abroad, the proposer must participate in catalyzing activity abroad in person and on-site.

Due Dates:

Proposals Accepted Anytime Applicants are advised to submit proposals at least nine months prior to the expected date of the proposed activity.

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