National Sales Competition

National Sales Communication CompetitionThe National Collegiate Sales Competition is held annually in the spring at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, outside of Atlanta. The 2011 MSU Team consisted of Evan Kline, Alexs Hermans, Jessica Stamm and David Samuels. The team worked tremendously hard to prepare for the tough competition; Evan made it to the quarterfinals. Jessica and David were alternates who were critical in helping their teammates practice between rounds in the tournament-style competition.

2012 Team , 5th place out of 21 teams


  • Zororo Makamba
  • Janisse Martinez
  • Maria Sasinowski
  • Jared Williams
  • Jennifer Rumler (Coach)

2011 Team, 1st place out of 21 teams:

  • Matt Blumhardt
  • Evan Kline
  • Kaelyn Iciek-Nicks
  • Kelsey Rosen
  • Professor John Baxter (Coach)
  • Alexs Hermans (Student Coach)

2010 Team, 5th place out of 17 teams:

  • Max Neistein
  • Alexs Hermans
  • Robert Nottoli
  • Jacci Weber
  • Dr. Doug Hughes (Coach)

Evan Kline, former MSU Sales student and current Altria employee, doing his part of the presentation in the Team Sales Competition in 2011.

2008 1st Place Winners:

  • Jenn Ree
  • Kacey Prior
  • Dr. Doug Hughes (Coach)
  • Matt Bishop
  • Darcy Dittrich
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