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Posted on: January 4, 2012

As always, we have a large number of CAS faculty and graduate students at the annual National Communication Association convention, this year in New Orleans. Every year, I marvel at our representation in the number of faculty, students and alumni at the conference. This year, we have 20 faculty from our college presenting papers on the program.

I'm also very proud of the awards MSU receives each year at the convention, and this year is no exception. Communication faculty member Sandi Smith is receiving the Outstanding Health Communication Scholar Award for her health communication research. Sandi is the director of our Health and Risk Communication Center and a well-respected researcher in the field of health communication. 

We also have five paper awards written by CAS faculty and graduate students that have been honored as Top Papers by NCA divisions. They include:

  • "Imperfect Heroes and Villains: Patterns of Upholding and Violating Distinct Moral Domains and Character Appeal" by faculty member Ron Tamborini, and students Matt Grizzard, Allison Eden and Robert Lewis;
  • "Too Fat, Too Thin, Just Right: Descriptions of the Perfect Female Body," by faculty member Mary Bresnahan and graduate student Jenn Anderson;
  • "In Search of the Elusive Boomerang Effect II" by faculty member Frank Boster and students Bri DeAngelis & David Clare; and
  • "Help a Buddy Take a Knee: Persuasive Messages for Military Service Members to Encourage Others to Seek Mental Health Help," by graduate students Rose Clark-Hitt and Jordan Broderick

This research addresses a wide array  of timely topics we see in our world today. Today's research will be tomorrow's solutions. Safe travels to all of the faculty and students as they return back to MSU next week. Join me in applauding their excellent contributions to the field of communication research! 

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