MSU Students & Faculty Win ADDY Awards

Posted on: April 27, 2012

EAST LANSING, Mich. February 27, 2012 - Michigan State University students and faculty members in the College of Communication Arts and Sciences cleaned up on the local ADDY Awards, February 23, at the MSU Union. The ADDY Awards are the world's largest advertising competition with over 50,000 entries annually. The awards are unique among other advertising creative competitions in that it is the only competition that includes three levels of judging: local, regional, and national. Winning an ADDY at each level qualifies the work to progress to the next higher level.

"The buzz among the professionals attending the gala was in admiration of the quality level reached by students," said Henry Brimmer, Advertising, Assistant Professor (creative advertising). "Respected professionals such as Camron Gnass of Traction, Lauren Ciesa, of Ciesa Design, Steve Curran of Harvest Productions, and Rob Wesson at Pace all approached our faculty to point out the exceptional quality they have observed in our student's work. We couldn't be prouder."

  • Advertising seniors Mary Natale and Ahreum Jung each won a gold ADDY Best of Show. Natale's work was entitled "Five Guys 'Marital Status'" in the Magazine Campaign category and Jung was honored for "Are you a dipper of a squeezer?" ad for Heinz Ketchup.
  • Mary Natale received a second gold ADDY for her Non-traditional campaign for "Nivea."
  • Terry Sieting, Advertising student, received Gold for his Fused Hockey campaign.
  • Media arts and technology senior Michael Daniels received a gold ADDY award for "ArtPrize 2011 Henry Brimmer Video Promo."
  • Communication student Kelsey Gonzales received a gold ADDY for her "Visual Thesaurus" magazine campaign.
  • Faculty members Henry Brimmer and Larry Steinberg received a gold ADDY awards for their Arts/Campaign work on "Ugly, Dirty, and Messy" for the MSU Department of Advertising, Public Relations, and Retailing.
  • Faculty members Henry Brimmer and Valeta Wensloff received a silver ADDY award for their work on The Media Sandbox web design.
  • Faculty member Henry Brimmer, with others, received a gold ADDY award in the Public Service/Mixed Media Campaign for work on the "Project FIT Social Marketing Portfolio."

Henry Brimmer also received a gold ADDY in the Self-Promotion/Mixed Media Campaign category for work on "touch wood," his 2011 ArtPrize project.
"The student work continues to evolve and rival any work done by the professionals," said Jef Richards, professor & chair, MSU Department of Advertising, Public Relations, & Retailing. "This year these young, aspiring, professionals really wowed both the judges and the audience. We are proud of what these students have accomplished in such a short period of time. We can only imagine where their careers will take them."

Students Jonathan Black (2x), Michael Daniels, Brett Ekblad, Kelsey Gonzales, Lauren Mehringer, Emily Misko, Mary Natale, Lillian Noga, Terry Sieting and Brianna Willis received silver ADDY awards. Silver also went to the Campaign Team of Tom Allard, Kristen Antioho, Matt Briede, Hyunsoo Cheon, Christina Harrison, Melissa Jarosz, Jeremy Norris, John Ra, Derek Sacks and Stefanie Wieber. Students Theresa Hutchins and Qinge Wu received merit ADDY awards.

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