MSU Museum showcases student talent

Posted on: September 21, 2011

This fall, students in an MSU digital media course are seeing work they created in class last fall on display at the MSU Museum. 
The 240 students in fall 2010 TC 242, The Digital Image, digitally created masks and imprinted them on a photo of themselves. Now their work is an MSU display.

Henry Brimmer, assistant professor who led the class, said, “The assignment was for students to create a mask for themselves using the layers feature in Photoshop. The result: imaginative, creative, and fun. The project, a collaboration initiated by Museum Director Gary Morgan and myself, parallels the museum’s current exhibit, MASK: Secrets and Revelations."

The exhibit will be on display in the MSU Museum’s Community Gallery Sept. 1 through Nov. 24. The exhibit features 30 photographic images from Brimmer’s class.

Stephanie Palagyi, productions assistant at the MSU Museum, said the exhibit strongly relates to the other mask exhibits. 

“We don't typically display a lot of MSU student photographs and graphics at the museum, but hopefully that is something we can start doing more often,” said Palagyi. 

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