MSU Moves Toward Bolder by Design

Posted on: February 19, 2013

Last week was the All-University Awards Convocation 2013 and MSU’s Founders Day. It was a day to reflect on the university’s achievements in the past year and look toward our future goals.
Congratulations to our Telecommunication, Information Studies & Media chair, Johannes Bauer, for his receipt of the Distinguished Faculty Award. We also want to congratulate communication doctoral students, Samantha Nazione and Jessica Russell who received the Excellence-In-Teaching citations at the awards ceremony.
In addition to CAS stars receiving university awards, President Lou Anna K. Simon delivered the 2013 State of the University address. In her address, President Simon discussed the five strategic imperatives of MSU in boldness by design and added a sixth initiative as MSU transitions to Bolder by Design. I want to share what we’re doing here at CAS right now to embrace and move forward with these six Spartan imperatives.
1. Enhance the student experience by continually improving the quality of academic programs and the value of an MSU degree for undergraduate and graduate students.
At CAS, we put the student experience front and center. We continue to provide and continually recruit our students with exemplary faculty members. We offer study abroad programs on all seven continents, and expose our students to impressive professional development opportunities by bringing industry leaders on campus and facilitating amazing internships for our students.
For example, Speed Networking was held last Friday where the college linked 130 CAS students with 75 professionals in a "speed-dating" environment to show off portfolios, seek career advice and industry experience, and perhaps even secure jobs and internships. On Thursday, our largest number of CAS students will receive ADDY awards—over 40 awards just this year alone! We also bring executives from companies like Porsche Cars and Deutsch L.A. on campus. On Thursday evening, we’ll be hosting Matt Bariletti from Google.
2. Enrich community, economic, and family life through research, outreach, engagement, entrepreneurship, innovation and inclusion.
CAS research projects like early detection of Parkinson’s disease, the prevention of distracted driving and encouragement of hand washing during flu season are examples of how our research is enriching and improving lives. On a daily basis, our WKAR TV and Radio stations reach out and engage to serve the community in many ways, with programming, workshops and events catered to our diverse audiences.
3. Expand international reach through academic, research and economic development initiatives and global, national and local strategic partnerships.
Last summer, our partnership with Saudi Aramco began, offering communication training to their executives. Our International Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) project, in partnership with the College of Engineering and the Honors College, brings communication technology to developing countries throughout the world, including installing internet-connected solar-powered computer systems in Tanzania. Locally, our advertising students are creating and executing multimedia marketing campaigns for local charities to help increase funding and awareness through the Protect America Cares “Pay It Forward” challenge. Our advising and career services departments are also creating partnerships with international corporations to help expand the MSU community.
4. Increase research opportunities by significantly expanding research funding and involvement of graduate and undergraduate students in research and scholarship.
Now more undergraduate students than ever are involved in research projects at CAS. We’re also working on research initiatives such as Trifecta and One Health, which collaboratively integrate experts in a variety of disciplines both on and off campus to participate in groundbreaking research. Our faculty and students secure millions of research dollars each year and work on research projects in the areas of health and risk communication, communication technology and international communication applications.
5. Strengthen stewardship by appreciating and nurturing the university's financial assets, campus environment and infrastructure, and people for outstanding performance today and tomorrow.
We are in the process of rolling out a new capital campaign and have created professional partnerships and have donors and alumni contributing time and funds to create opportunities for our students. The opportunities our donors provide for our students are priceless.

6. Advance our culture of high performance by being even Bolder.
This sixth initiative is the latest addition to the university imperatives. And at CAS, we are constantly pushing the envelope. We are bolder every day, and we’re always working to advance our culture of high performance. From our faculty to our staff, to our students and alumni, we’re advancing the world of communication not just here at MSU, but globally.
At CAS, we’re leaders in the industry of communication—creating video games for meaningful play, using social media for applications like crowd funding, reporting the news through cutting-edge media—from printed newspapers to tablet applications. Our students create high-definition documentaries, design compelling public service announcements, weigh-in on national advertisements. They publish award-winning research, create national advocacy groups and work with real speech and hearing patients. They are shaping and improving the world of communication every day.
In the College of Communication Arts & Sciences, we take pride in boldness by design. We are proud of the legacy we continue to create. Thank you to all of you who contribute to our success.

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