Missing Moon Rocks: A Documentary (Fall 2011)

Date: Fall 2011

Authors: Troy Hale, Colin Marshall

Of the 270 moon rocks given to the states and nations of the world, more than half went missing. Whether destroyed or lost through carelessness or nefarious acts, at one time 180 moon rocks were unaccounted for. Former NASA special investigator Joseph Gutheinz has been studying this problem for over a decade and leads a team attempting to find out what happened to the missing rocks.

Gutheinz is a former NASA senior special investigator and now teaches criminal justice at Alvin Community College and University of Phoenix. The only Special Agent to earn the NASA Exceptional Service Meda, recipient of the President’s Council on Integrity and Efficiency Career Achievement Award, Gutheinz has earned honors from six federal agencies and one state. Gutheinz was part of Operation Lunar Eclipse, which led to the recovery of the Honduras Apollo 17 Goodwill Moon Rock. It was the first law enforcement recovery of an object brought back to earth by man.

Gutheinz’s team has already found a number of the missing moon rocks through their investigations. They recently worked to find the missing Arkansas moon rock, which had been mistakenly removed with Bill Clinton’s gubernatorial papers when his office was cleaned out after his election to the presidency; the rock was located by an archivist.

A film crew from Michigan State University, led by 17-time Emmy award winner Troy Hale, is engaged in documenting the hunt for the missing moon rocks. The film project will include one feature length documentary and one, or possibly two, shows of the type seen on the Discovery Channel.

Project URL: http://www.moonrockfilm.cas.msu.edu/

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