Posted on: March 4, 2013

Married With BenefitsTwenty-one Michigan State University students have finished shooting on a short fiction film in the capstone class of the fiction film specialization. Production was completed in February, with post-production already underway.

The short film, entitled "Married With Benefits," is a romantic comedy about married couple Scott (David Mackson) and Mary (Deb Fernandez) struggling to spice up their relationship. Under the recommendation of their off-beat therapist (Jackie Payne), Scott and Mary attempt an open relationship while learning that the solution is not as simple as they had hoped.

"It's exciting to start post‐production," post‐production supervisor Dennis Corsi said. “This is when we get to see our work pay off and everything come together.”

The students meet twice a week in regularly scheduled class time to discuss post‐production deadlines and goals.

"I want the film to realistically portray a marriage that has lost its spice,” co‐art director Josh Busher said. “Nostalgic passion is an illusion. Love is much more than memories and work."

The filmmakers are keeping those interested in the film updated through the movie’s Facebook page. The film will be screened publically in April 2013.














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