Michigan Creative Film Alliance (Summer 2010 - Summer 2012)

Date: Summer 2010 - Summer 2012

The Michigan Creative Film Alliance is an exciting, joint venture between three top research universities: Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. These universities proposed a historic, innovative, collaborative alliance to drive talent and resources toward the creation and sustainment of an indigenous film community across the state. This collaboration begins with a one-semester class for select students of the three universities. These students have the opportunity to create a short film, utilizing their own talents and skills while being mentored by top instructors in the field. This venture officially kicked off Wednesday, July 7, at the Kellogg Biological Station in Gull Lake, where students and faculty met for a three-day retreat. The keynote speaker was Bill Mechanic, a respected film producer. A graduate of Michigan State University, Mr. Mechanic produced many outstanding films and oversees his own company, Pandemonium Films. Students are currently in the shooting phase of production.

Project URL: http://www.mi-cfa.com/

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