Message From The Chair

Posted on: September 4, 2013

The Department of Advertising + Public Relations has a long and highly respected history. Some of the leading educators in these fields have taught, and are teaching, in this Department. Some of the leading advertising, public relations, and retailing professionals in the country hold degrees from these MSU programs. Indeed, this is one of the largest departments of advertising and/or PR in the world, making it also one of the most influential.

The programs in this Department all represent the point at which communication and commerce meet. We offer a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising, with the option of a specialization in Public Relations, a Master of Arts in Advertising, a Master of Arts in Public Relations, and a Ph.D in Media and Information Studies.

Students in the Department have a wealth of options for pursuing their unique interests. An advertising student, for example, might choose to train as an art director, a copy writer, a media planner, an account executive, or more. They might be more interested in digital advertising, or even promotional products. A public relations specialist might focus on for-profit or non-profit, internal or external relations, and so forth. These are broad fields, with many facets, and they are ever-changing. That is what makes these majors so exciting.

The Department is in an exciting period of evolution. The Retailing degree is coming to an end after many years and a storied history, but at the same time the college's "Media Sandbox" is just beginning. The Media Sandbox is a wholly new approach to teaching students who hope to concentrate on the "arts" side of Communication Arts & Sciences. You might think of it as an "incubator" for artistic talent. It promises to help us develop student art directors and copy writers who surpass their predecessors in almost every respect. It is an exciting time to be a part of this Department!

The faculty of this Department are among the best in the nation within their fields, holding international reputations as true "experts". They also are talented teachers who truly care about the success of their students. They recognize that this Department's reputation does, and will continue to, rest on the quality of its graduates. So if you graduate from one of our programs, we are committed to making you one of the best new graduates in advertising or public relations to be found anywhere.


Jef I. Richards
Professor & Chair

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