Meet Your Professor: Folu Ogundimu, Ph.D.

Posted on: November 25, 2013



Brief Bio:
Dr. Folu Ogundimu is a professor in the School of Journalism and the College of Communication Arts & Sciences at Michigan State University, East Lansing. At MSU, Ogundimu teaches courses on international journalism and media globalization, broadcasting, health communication and documentary research in journalism and mass communication.

He was the director and principal investigator of the WHO Nigeria polio communications project (2010-11). Ogundimu also was the co-editor of Media and Democracy in Africa (2002; 2003); and issue editor of the journal of African Rural and Urban Studies, (1997). He served as Faculty Excellence Advisor for the College of Communication Arts & Sciences (2009-12) and is Chair of the African Studies Center Advisory Committee.

He is a Member of the Health and Risk Communication Center, the African Studies Core Faculty, and the Center for Advanced Study of International Development. Ogundimu is an advisor to Freedom House (NY) and the African Capacity Building Foundation (Tanzania). He also has served as a Senior Research Associate for Afrobarometer and the Center for Democracy and Development, Ghana; Research Associate for the Globalization Research Center on Africa, UCLA; Visiting Professor at the University of Lagos, Nigeria (2008) and a consultant to the USAID, (Zambia, 1995), and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (Ethiopia (2002, 2003).

Things he wants students to know about him.
1. My classes are demanding, but I am fair, even generous.
2. I expect my students to read widely, engage in critical thinking, be skeptical of facts but respectful of opinion.
3. Good journalism depends on holding true to being accountable personally and being responsible for the public interest.

What he hopes his students learn from him, his scholarly work or teaching.
An uneventful life is a life of boredom, change is the only constant in life, how best to manage change with a deep sense of internal fortitude and self dignity is the essence of an accomplished and fulfilled life.

Describe yourself in five words or less.
Live fearlessly, not recklessly.

Favorite Quotation:
Scholarship depends on the scientific pursuit of truth, but certainty is limited by the boundary of infinite knowledge.

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