Summer Media Camp Teaches Audio Recording

Posted on: June 18, 2013

The Media and Information(TISM) department will once again offer audio recording as part of the MSU Media Summer Camps. The audio recording camp will be led by Jeremy Whiting, who teaches broadcast journalism at Ovid-Elsie High School in Elsie, Mich. 

At the camp, Whiting will teach high school students about sound foundations, session recording through microphone use, placement and cable set-up, mixing, digital recording software and audio post-production, including editing and effects. Campers will also gain experience working with and recording a professional band. 

“Students will leave with the fundamental knowledge they need to make their own recordings, edit their work, and publish material on the web or physical media,” Whiting said. “They will also gain experience working with the tools in a professional audio recording studio.” 

Studio sessions will be project-driven, with each student having an opportunity to gain hands-on experience and practice during each step of the recording process. Campers will collaborate to mix their recordings into a mastered piece for CD play and for their own digital distribution. 

“Every day of the camp gives students real-world experience and skills they may actually use in their career on a daily basis—how many classes can claim that?” Whiting asked. Make sure you visit TISM and learn more about all its summer camps.

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