Media Sandbox Reputation Spreading Across Country

Posted on: June 3, 2013

Media Sandbox logo2Mention the Media Sandbox to Janet Lillie, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, or Bob Albers, TISM faculty member and current Media Sandbox Director, and you'll notice a marked increase in energy and enthusiasm as they describe the wealth of creative talent the college is attracting from around the country for this unique program. In just two years since the launch of Media Sandbox curriculum, we have seen the number of students enrolled in these classes grow from 750 to more than 3,500.

The Media Sandbox is filled with talented students. As a special part of this Sandbox, the college has launched a highly competitive scholarship opportunity where high school students compete for coveted four-year scholarships. These college scholarship funds enable MSU to recruit a cadre of bright and creative young adults ready and willing to succeed in a high-performance culture. Applicants are required to submit three to five examples of their work for faculty review. Projects range from a three-hundred page novel, to video games, short documentaries, photographic essays, poetry and fine art.

This coming fall, a cohort of eight incoming freshman will be joining this elite group of Sandbox Scholars. Four of the students will be coming from out of state and as far away as California, and four are from Michigan. Dr. Lillie personally contacts each awardee to share the news of their scholarship award. She wouldn't have it any other way since she relishes hearing their excitement about officially being a part of the Media Sandbox and a future Spartan!

We are finding that the combined curriculum of coursework, mentoring and experiential learning that comprises the Media Sandbox really resonates well with students and parents, and especially employers. They recognize that today's college graduates are much more competitive if they have a solid foundation in all aspects of digital media and have learned to elevate their creativity to be stronger problem solvers and communicators, both visually and verbally.

Quite frankly, employers cannot wait to recruit our Sandbox students. They are in high demand by their second year in college to fill internships with the biggest names in digital media today. We are very fortunate that the reputation of the Media Sandbox has spread primarily through word of mouth among students, as well as our alumni and employers. Of course, that speaks volumes about the talented and tireless faculty who dedicate long hours and also push themselves creatively to stay ahead of these up and coming digital natives. Congrats to our 2013-14 Media Sandbox scholars!

Please check out the Media Sandbox website regularly to keep up with the award-winning work our students have under way.

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