Media Sandbox Challenge

Posted on: January 4, 2012

Effective story telling is the secret to successful communication of all forms. In the MSU College of Communication Arts & Sciences, we focus on teaching this art to our students. Through the college's Media Sandbox, we are celebrating storytelling in new ways. When alumni W. Clark Bunting of Discovery Channel and Craig Murray of mOcean presented the Media Sandbox Inaugural Lecture on October 21, they shared some fantastic stories and the importance of storytelling. 

Today, we have more news to share with the launching of the Media Sandbox Creative Challenge. This inaugural Challenge offers a chance for students to create a campaign to help us tell the story about MSU's Media Sandbox in the most creative, engaging ways possible. This new competition is open to MSU undegraduates, who will compete for $9,500 in prizes and showcase their creativity at the same time. Interested students can form multidisciplinary teams to develop a campaign showcasing Media Sandbox to prospective students. Teams will be invited to present their concepts on Feb. 4 to faculty judges. The five most compelling teams will be selected to compete for prizes and a chance to showcase their creativity around the world. I encourage all interested students to learn more at the initial kickoff planned for Jan. 14 at the Communication Arts & Sciences Building. 

I'm looking forward to seeing the work being done by cutting-edge MSU storytellers - aren't you? Do you have questions or comments about the Media Sandbox Creative Challenge? Email me at

Media Sandbox promo poster

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