Media & Information Studies Ph.D. Student Wins Oral Presentation Award

kanni-webCongratulations to Kanni Huang (Media & Information Studies Ph.D., '13) who won the oral presentation award at the MSU interdisciplinary conference for her presentation: "Knowledge about Climate Change among Regional Journalists and Climate Scientists."

Huang presented a paper at the Graduate Academic Conference (GAC) on her work with a National Science Foundation project that identifies major climate science initiatives and facilitates collaboration between climate science and education practitioners in the Great Lakes region.

"In order to invite the audience to engage in my presentation at the conference, I tried to make connections between my research and the audience's everyday life and demonstrated how the research findings could contribute to the training of environmental journalists in the 'real world.'"

Huang's interests focus on environmental journalism and climate change information, environmental communication with the adoption of new media technologies, online social relations and the exchange of environmental information.

"When the GAC announced the winners, I was surprised at first and then felt honored to be awarded. The great experience boosted my confidence in sharing research findings to more diverse audiences," Huang said.

"I appreciate the opportunity provided by graduate school and the precious experience working for the School of Journalism and the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism."

Great job, Kanni!

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