McCann Detroit Pres. Chris Fay on Being Advertising Rock Star

faychris_1170-webLast Thursday, CAS seniors in Professor Dave Regan's Advertising 486 classes heard first-hand about the advertising business from one of the best in the industry when guest speaker Christopher Fay, president of McCann Detroit, discussed integrated communications, or "whole communications," as Fay says.

When asked by CAS student videographer Robert Freeman Smith what is takes today to be a rock star in the industry, Fay responded, " you have to show your love and prove your love. If you wanted a quick headline answer, that would be it.

"You want to be a rock star? It's the same thing as rock stars: 10,000 hours. You got to spend the 10,000 hours. That's usually where rock stars come from. It's where the Beatles came from. They spent 10,000 hours in a little club, practicing and practicing their craft. They weren't overnight successes. Rock stars are never overnight successes. Spend the 10,000 hours and you will be a rock star," Fay concluded.

Before joining McCann's Detroit office, Fay was with Leo Burnett Group in Taiwan. Fay's career has included working on accounts for General Motors, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Toyota, Daimler Chrysler and Pfizer.

Watch the interview conducted by Smith immediately following Fay's class presentation:

Check out the Japanese "Twin Peaks" Georgia Coffee ads that Fay discussed with the class:


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