Information, Policy & Society (IPS) Cognate

College professor
Policy analyst
Research analyst
Market researcher
Required coursework (9-10 credits)
TC 802. Research Methods in Telecommunication (3)
TC 820. Introduction to Theory in Telecommunication, Information and Society (3)
One additional advanced research methods course with approval of advisor and Director of MA Studies (3-4)
Diversification requirement (9 credits)
ADV 865. Advertising and Society (3)
CAS 826. Health Communication for Diverse Populations (3)
COM 815. Organizational Communication (3)
COM 828. Cross-Cultural Communication (3)
JRN 815. Seminar in Press and Society (3)
TC 840. Foundations of Digital Media Arts and Technology (3)
TC 850. Telecommunication and Information Policy (3)
TC 852. Economic Structure of Telecommunication Industries (3)
TC 853. Information Technology and Organizations (3)
TC 854. Economics of Media Markets and Strategies (3)
TC 861. Information Networks and Technology (3)
TC 862. Information Networks and Electronic Commerce (3)
TC 863. Electronic Information and Electronic Media Management (3)
TC 872. International Telecommunication and Development (3)
TC 877. Comparative and International Telecommunication (3)
Additional Requirements for Plan A (4-6 credits)
TC 899 Master's Thesis Research (4-6)
Successful completion of the final oral examination in defense of thesis.
Additional Requirements for Plan B
Pass written final certifying exam.
The information enclosed here should be viewed as a general overview of the academic program for this degree. It should not be viewed as the final authority on degree requirements. Make sure to consult your academic advisor to clear your specific program of study.


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