Marketing Science Institute Recognizes CAS Expertise

Posted on: April 27, 2012

Marketing Science Institute announced the winners of its 50th Anniversary Ideas Challenge, and our team of Bruce Vanden Bergh, Hairong Li, and Chad Huntley was selected for a seed grant of $10,000.

The Ideas Challenge is designed to "spark a new generation of fresh ideas, and a new wave of ventures, sourced across the whole community, of marketing scholars and thinkers."

With over 64 submissions, two prominent features emerged: collaboration among academic and business thinkers in the conception, design, and dissemination of research; and/or marketing problems that are too complex -- and too expensive to study -- to be readily solved by independent researchers working alone or in small teams. Together, these two features spoke to the need for borderless pooling of resources and talent to achieve the critical mass required to properly study and understand complex marketing phenomena.

"Our proposal is to build a social media platform to facilitate the exchange of research findings and ideas between academics and practitioners in advertising, communication, and marketing," said Hairong Li, Professor of Advertising, Public Relations and Retailing at MSU.

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