Lindsay Thelen

Posted on: October 4, 2011


The art of sales has grown to have a special presence at MSU's College of Communication Arts and Sciences and one alum is helping to keep that legacy alive. Sheila Sprague (BA '85 Merchandising Management) is currently an account director for AstraZeneca and has made a donation in the form of a scholarship for the college's sales specialization program. Sprague began her MSU career as a student in the business college but decided on merchandising management as a major. "I moved into the program, which was then called merchandising management. This program led me to the retail world- where I gained a better understanding of sales," said Sprague. "Had there been a sales specialization program at that time, it would have been something that would have really interested me and I believe it would have been very beneficial to my education." Now Sprague is using her success in sales to aid others on that same career path. Sprague said, "I had always wanted to give back in some way and I really wanted to recreate for others that same wonderful experience I had at MSU, especially for those who couldn't fund their own college education." A Presidents Club pledge that Sheila and Lowell Sprague made has been matched by AstraZeneca. This gift is providing an annual scholarship for five years for a student in the sales specialization program. "I hope that someone that is really in need of the additional funding is able to get the scholarship and in turn learn the value of what sales can do. We are always selling something and I think it is never going to go away. I hope that the recipient of this scholarship sees the value that it brings and does the most they can with this opportunity," said Sprague. Sheila Sprague not only has great hopes for the future of the sales specialization program and its students, but she also has a visible appreciation and love for her alma mater. "In my eyes, to truly be a Spartan is to be proud of where I have graduated from and to always be mindful of the great education that I received at MSU, and to wear that pride and give back to those that are moving forward in that same tradition."


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