Journalism Class, Professor Publish Book on Bullying

Posted on: April 18, 2012

Journalism Class - Professor Publish Book on BullyingAn advanced journalism class at Michigan State University has spent the spring semester reporting on bullying and is publishing a book. The New Bullying: How Social Media, Social Exclusion, Laws and Suicide Have Changed Our Definition of Bullying – and What to Do About it will focus on aspects of bullying that did not necessarily exist 50, 20 or even ten years ago. Instructor Joe Grimm chose the subject before his class of 17 students even met, feeling that with so much attention being focused on it, there was a thirst for information and not much readily available. "With Governor Snyder signing the anti-bullying law on December 6th and giving school districts six months to comply," said Grimm, "it seemed this was a subject we could tackle and should tackle in one semester. While we've been working on the project, we have seen all kinds of stories break all over the nation. It's clear that bullying is not a six month issue or a one month issue but will be with us for a long time." Highlighting the advent and increase in cyberbullying, hazing and the recent string of high-profile bullycides (suicides that came after alleged incidents of bullying), the book comes after 49 states have passed and implemented anti-bullying measures. Other methods of surviving and stopping bullying are covered in-depth. The New Bullying explores how laws, lawsuits, computers and news coverage have changed bullying forever. From band hazing to bullying in the workplace to bullying in schools and cyberspace, this book details the changes that have made this age-old issue suddenly hot. A team of advanced reporting students from Michigan State University’s School of Journalism spent a semester detailing the dark world of today's bullying. Published through David Crumm Media, LLC the book will be available in paperback or e-book on in April.

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