Journalism Alumna Wins International Book Award

Posted on: July 23, 2013

Harper West, a 1982 journalism graduate, recently won a Silver Award for her book "Pack Leader Psychology" in an international competition. The non-fiction book was a runner-up in the psychology category of the Independent Book Publishers Association Benjamin Franklin Awards, which had more than 1,300 entries this year.

A unique combination of self-help book and deeply personal memoir, "Pack Leader Psychology" helps readers discover their inner "pack leader," which can transform their personalities, strengthen their relationships and improve their parenting. The book draws parallels between dog and human behavior and is based on the latest research on human social psychology.

"While training my dog, I learned to be the 'alpha' or 'pack leader,'" West said. "Then I quickly discovered that the same skills could be applied to human relationships with remarkable results."

Written in a crisp, direct and upbeat style, the book's common sense explanations can help improve relationships with family, friends and colleagues. Readers learn how to unleash primal powers, gain confidence, improve leadership skills and discover their authentic personality. The book helps people intuitively understand why they behave as they do, become more emotionally healthy, and identify and predict the behaviors of others.

West, who now lives in Rochester Hills, Mich., works as a clinical psychologist, consultant and speaker.

"Pack Leader Psychology" by Harper West is available in print and in ebook at

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