Happy Holidays from CAS

Posted on: December 17, 2012

CAS Holiday GreetingThe College of Communication Arts & Sciences has released their two-part 2012 Holiday Greeting (“Join Us for ‘Meaningful Play’ this Holiday Season”). The greeting showcases three video games created in collaboration with the CAS GEL Lab:

  • DNA Roulette: A game that examines genetic probabilities based on real-world statistics and genetics research.
  • Spartan Villa: A game created in partnership with the MSU Federal Credit Union to assist young adults in increasing their financial literacy through engaging gameplay.
  • Grumpy Snowmen: A game created last winter to showcase the skills of CAS game design students while creating a fun, “Angry Birds”-like game that encourages Spartan pride in a playful way against MSU’s Big Ten rival schools. 

For more action, users are encouraged to explore the other part of the greeting (“CAS Celebrates 2012”). This interactive webpage showcases some of the college’s biggest accomplishments over the past year and encourages the user to click, explore and share their favorite highlights.

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