Great news for Great Lakes

Posted on: October 31, 2011

The Great Lakes are a part of our everyday landscape and especially important in Michigan. And they have daily representation within our Knight Center for Environmental Journalism at MSU, which has a dedicated news services called Great Lakes Echo. This news service combines the skills of our journalism students and professionals, and is edited by Knight Center Associate Director David Poulson.

Great Lakes Echo helps foster and serve a news community defined by proximity to and interest in the environment of the Great Lakes watershed. The news team uses traditional news reporting methods and conveys them in a digital world. It was created with help from our Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies and Media. Original content is produced by journalists working for the center. Additional content is provided by Capital News Service, a student group within our college.

Earlier this month, Great Lakes Echo earned a special honor appropriately called the Great Laker award. The news service had a special role during Great Lakes Week, in which representatives of the U.S. and Canadian governments came together with public and private groups to discuss important environmental issues regarding our region. Echo was on the job covering all of the events, meetings and outcomes. Despite scant resources, the news team covered four international groups’ meetings at the same time and in the same place over several days. How did they do it? Naturally, Dave Poulson explained the process on the Echo website.

This success is an example of the everyday work our students and faculty put in to make a difference in our communities. As a university, MSU is world renowned for its research around water. This work exemplifies how faculty and students in the College of Communication Arts & Sciences are contributing to the university-wide focus in the field of water.

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