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Linked B.A. and M.A. Programs


The Linked B.A. / M.A. Program is a bold path that allows you to discover your future, reach your potential and get on your way to having an extraordinary impact on the world. The path allows students to complete a bachelor’s and a master’s degree within five years. It’s a way we foster your talent, recognize it and turn it into the common good.

The 2 in 5 YEARS Linked Program applies a maximum of nine approved credits from the undergraduate level toward your linked master’s degree. It allows research opportunities to begin at the undergraduate level and continue through the graduate program while reducing the time to compete your master’s degree.

Linked B.A. & M.A Programs

Master of Arts in Advertising or Master of Arts in Public Relations

The Department of Advertising + Public Relations offers two programs leading to a Master of Arts degree: Advertising and Public Relations. In addition to foundation courses, students study specialized areas of social media, management, media planning, consumer behavior, social marketing and research.
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Master of Arts in Communication

The master’s program in Communication has two directions: the pre-Ph.D. track and the career track. The pre-Ph.D. track prepares students for a research career in academia, whereas the career track fosters the application of communication concepts and theories to practical work-related problems.
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Master of Arts in Media and Information

Contributing to MSU’s excellence in Communication and Media Studies (ranked 6th in the world by QS 2014), the master’s degree in Media and Information offers two concentrations in Human-Computer Interaction and Media and Information Management. This program is flexible by design to support a tailored experience in line with students’ interests. While completing the degree requirements, students also may earn a graduate certificate in Serious Game Design and Research, specialize in Management of Information Technology, or focus on Information and Communication Technology for Development.
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Master of Arts in Health and Risk Communication

The Master of Arts in Health and Risk Communication is an interdisciplinary program administered by the College of Communication Arts and Sciences and the College of Human Medicine. The program prepares students to harness the power of communication theory, risk communication strategies, health message development, translational research and evaluation methods to promote positive health outcomes. Alumni hold positions in local and national public health organizations (MDCH, NCI, CDC and WHO), clinical settings, nonprofit and for-profit health organizations, and public relations.
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Master of Arts in Journalism

This program has a track for advanced professional training and a track for academic and research training. We accommodate students wanting to learn more breadth across skills in journalism, be accomplished in the latest media technologies, or better understand the relationship between society and media, among other areas. Our students are prepared to step into great professional careers or be accepted into a university doctoral program. You are welcome to pursue a general degree in journalism or specialize in health, environment and science, international reporting, or journalism education.
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General Requirements

A primary degree in ADV, COM, JRN, MI A strong overall and major academic record The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) completed within a range of 50th percentile or higher

Application Process

  1. Complete the online MSU Graduate School Application
  2. Complete the GRE and send GRE scores to MSU (University Code: 1465)
  3. When you receive your email confirmation and link to the Graduate Admissions Management System (GAMS) student portal, provide the following information:
    • Contact information for three references who will provide letters of recomendation on your behalf
    • Academic statement: linked candidates should note they are applying for a linked degree
    • Personal statement
    • Research interest section completed in GAMS
    • Resume or curriculum vita
    • Any additional requirements required by department of desired degree Mail the following to the department of the degree you are pursuing:
    • Official transcripts from each university/college attended Statement of financial proof (international students only)

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I apply for the program?

Submit an application the semester you are scheduled to complete 88 credits. You must complete the GRE prior to applying.

How am I selected for Admissions?

Admission to a linked degree program is determined by a committee within each department. The selection criteria places emphasis on grade point average, coursework, GRE, TOEFL for international students, letters of recommendation and academic interests.

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