Go Green! Go White! The MSU Football Guide for the International Community (Fall 2010)

game-gogreenDate: Fall 2010
Authors: Kristina Cunningham, Elena Eremina, Matt Koss, Eli Natinsky

What is American football? It is a common campus question in the MSU international community. A major part of Michigan State's campus culture relates to athletics, particularly American football. This is a game with which many members of the MSU international community have little experience. Let's face it, to any novice fan the rules, people, and culture of American football can seem confusing and even intimidating. Therefore, Go Green! Go White! was developed to provide a resource for the international community to engage with this aspect of campus culture.

This web project is designed as a multi-modal, multimedia experience incorporating text, photographs, animation and digital video to explain the basic concepts of American football. By connecting with international students, using schema theory and interlinking content in different sections, we strove to make this site as accessible to the international community and novice fans as possible.

Project URL: http://woz.commtechlab.msu.edu/courses/tc840fa10/group4/

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